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Founded by prominent businessman Lee Hogan and G.T. Dodd of Atlanta Georgia, Red Rock Company started in 1885 by producing Red Rock Ginger Ale, but due to popular demand they started producing their product Red Rock Cola in 1938. Red Rock Cola has been offering "Just the right bite" over the years.

This carbonated drink has a light Cola scent and enough balance of sweetness and flavor. It contains carbonated water, uses cane sugar for sweetener, caramel color, caffeine and natural flavor.

Red Rock Cola and Red Rock Ginger Ale’s popularity continues on with their classic tastes. Pipeline Brands is proud to be a distributor of this slice of American History and glad that it can bring it to market for its long time and new fans of great Cola.

You can find Red Rock Cola in over 96 select Fresh Market Specialty stores around the country. We also help the Fresh Market with Dad's Root Beer, Bubble Up, Green River, and AJ Stephans fine flavored sodas.